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ubuntu 16.04 with rocm CL_MEM_SVM_ATOMICS missing?

Question asked by avinashk on Nov 26, 2018

Hello everyone,

I am using APU A12-9800, with ubuntu 14.04 and AMD APP SDK 3.0. It shows to support CL_MEM_SVM_ATOMICS along with CL_DEVICE_SVM_COARSE_GRAIN_BUFFER and CL_DEVICE_SVM_FINE_GRAIN_BUFFER. Now I updated the ubuntu version to 16.04 with rocm and its showing CL_DEVICE_SVM_COARSE_GRAIN_BUFFER, CL_DEVICE_SVM_FINE_GRAIN_BUFFER and CL_DEVICE_SVM_FINE_GRAIN_SYSTEM support. Suddenly CL_MEM_SVM_ATOMICS is not present. Is it some kind of driver error? Does this system really support CL_DEVICE_SVM_FINE_GRAIN_SYSTEM? I am bit confused what exactly happened with the ubuntu upgrade and driver upgrade.