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Black Screen Crash in All Games after W10 1809 Update

Question asked by xplosivebum on Nov 26, 2018

First off, thanks for attending my post. This issue has been bothering me for about a week now.


My computer was stuck on Windows 10 version 1803 for a while, I then played For Honor with some friends and the game repeatedly started crashing causing me to want to update my drivers, windows verison, firmware, etc. Now I am on the newest of the new for all drivers and software and only an OS with one single game and FurMark installed, and both keep crashing to black screen instantly upon rendering anything 3D. I am able to use applications such as Adobe software with no problem. It's just games and FurMark that crash. PS: the game I mainly test is Overwatch for crashes. I also have Kernal Error 41 (63) in my event log... I have tried a lot of trouble shooting so far. Not sure if PSU or GPU issue.




CPU: Ryzen 1600x


PSU: Corsair GS700

RAM: Corsair LED Vengeance 3200

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO

HDD: Seagate Barracuda

COOLING: Corsair H110i

MOBO: B350 Tomahawk