ReLive and OSD for AMD XConnect

Discussion created by mikolaj612 on Nov 27, 2018

Hello dear AMD community.
I've got an question, because I'm using TB3 eGPU I can't use ReLive and related OSD function.
Is there any plan to bring us those features? I can understand that some laptop GPU could be too weak or too old to support some features.
But after all most eGPU are using full desktop card like R9 series (2x0/3x0/Fury) or RX (4x0/5x0/Vega) which are supported when using them native.
Is there some kind of limitation? Driver issue? This kinda strange, because all other functionalities are available for eGPU like WattMan, Chill etc.


I'm hoping for and OSD which is very nice addon