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? Video crashed, "out of range" issue, can't seem to fix Drivers....

Question asked by airdave on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by pokester

Updated Radeon Adrenalin a few days ago...the one after 18.9.3?...had an issue during installation, so I cancelled it.

Still, got a message saying the software was partially installed and everything seemed to work.

I decided to reinstall and all went okay.


Jump ahead to today...playing World of Warships...and video crashes during a match.

Get a gray screen...kind of like TV snow...and a mild squealing sound.

After a few moments, the screen goes black and I get the "D-Sub...Out of Range...193.1kHz / 53Hz" error message.


I tried rebooting the PC, but thats all I get now.

Black screen with the Out of range message.


So, my plan is to somehow get in and uninstall the Radeon software.

But I cannot even boot into Safe Mode...same screen.


I am forced to dismantle the case and remove the R7-370 and reboot the system using the motherboard graphics.


I uninstalled whatever I could see in the Control panel for AMD and then put the Video Card back in...

still won't boot to anything but that black screen and Out of range message.


Removed the card again, went back to the Motherboard setup...but now Windows wants to do a bunch of updates,

and I can't get the system to recognize my monitor (will only give me basic resolutions)...

if I manually opt for anything else, I get "Out of Range" screens again (although they all have different screen rates)


After Windows updates...the basic Windows driver kicked in to give me proper screen res, but i am still on motherboard graphics.


Is my Video Card screwed? (a little over 2 years old),

or is this a Radeon software thing...and what do I do next?

Or...Is something else damaged?

Any advice? (Thanks)



Desktop PC Windows 7 64 Bit

AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor  

M5A78L-M/USB3 mainboard Rev X.0x Bios 1801


Strix Radeon R7-370 4Gb

Radeon Adrenalin 18.9.3 currently uninstalled

27" LG IPS  Monitor