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    ? Video crashed, "out of range" issue, can't seem to fix Drivers....


      Updated Radeon Adrenalin a few days ago...the one after 18.9.3?...had an issue during installation, so I cancelled it.

      Still, got a message saying the software was partially installed and everything seemed to work.

      I decided to reinstall and all went okay.


      Jump ahead to today...playing World of Warships...and video crashes during a match.

      Get a gray screen...kind of like TV snow...and a mild squealing sound.

      After a few moments, the screen goes black and I get the "D-Sub...Out of Range...193.1kHz / 53Hz" error message.


      I tried rebooting the PC, but thats all I get now.

      Black screen with the Out of range message.


      So, my plan is to somehow get in and uninstall the Radeon software.

      But I cannot even boot into Safe Mode...same screen.


      I am forced to dismantle the case and remove the R7-370 and reboot the system using the motherboard graphics.


      I uninstalled whatever I could see in the Control panel for AMD and then put the Video Card back in...

      still won't boot to anything but that black screen and Out of range message.


      Removed the card again, went back to the Motherboard setup...but now Windows wants to do a bunch of updates,

      and I can't get the system to recognize my monitor (will only give me basic resolutions)...

      if I manually opt for anything else, I get "Out of Range" screens again (although they all have different screen rates)


      After Windows updates...the basic Windows driver kicked in to give me proper screen res, but i am still on motherboard graphics.


      Is my Video Card screwed? (a little over 2 years old),

      or is this a Radeon software thing...and what do I do next?

      Or...Is something else damaged?

      Any advice? (Thanks)



      Desktop PC Windows 7 64 Bit

      AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor  

      M5A78L-M/USB3 mainboard Rev X.0x Bios 1801

      8Gb RAM

      Strix Radeon R7-370 4Gb

      Radeon Adrenalin 18.9.3 currently uninstalled

      27" LG IPS  Monitor

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          Follow up...


          I got the PC running okay today, albeit on motherboard graphics.

          All windows updates applied...some windows repairs?...and I installed the AMD Utility to remove all AMD software.

          Once I did that, and rebooted the system, Windows reinstalled the basic driver for my monitor.

          1920 x1080 is working fine, and the system is running fine.


          Just now...shut it all down...reinstalled the R7-370 Card.

          Figured I would boot as like the very first time I installed this card and then install the last known good Radeon Adrenalin software.


          But...upon boot up, Windows loads and runs okay...but my screen is black with the D-SUB Out of range message.

          (I notice the kHz rates are different than the earlier message, not that it matters?)

          I tried booting up in Safe mode, but I get the same thing. You can hear that Windows has booted, but the screen is black with the error message.


          Does this mean the Card itself has failed? or what do i do?



          Attachments Photo 1 is the original error screen...and photo 2 is todays error screen

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              Download the driver you want.

              Run DDU from safe mode.  Get it from WagnardSoft_com.

              Disconnect from the internet. ( this is the key as it is Windows update screwing up the driver)

              Restart, and install the driver.

              Restart with internet back on and you should be good to go.

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                  Download what driver? I'm not sure what driver we are talking about here.

                  The R7-370 should install on Windows drivers...and then installing Radeon Adrenalin software gives you full capability and controls.


                  As I clearly stated...I cannot boot into safe mode with the card installed. I get the same black screen and out of range message.

                  And if the card isn't installed, then I can't install the Radeon drivers.


                  But as far as removing any display driver, I booted the computer using the onboard graphics and then I used the AMD driver utility to clean out anything that remained. (I said this too)

                  And it did remove what was left, because Windows had to reinstall a driver for my monitor.

                  I was hoping, after that, I could reinstall the video card (and then reinstall the Radeon software), but the screen isnt there with the card in place.


                  Windows updates were not activated during the original video crash...its only after I removed the Video card and got the system up with motherboard graphics, that Windows had somehow turned updates back on and was asking to download and install. I also ran a Windows repair, which again prompted some windows updates.

                  I've since turned off Windows updates again.

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                    okay, so, is the DDU any better to use than the AMD Utility?

                    The AMD Utility is what was recommended to me for removing old files when installing newer versions of radeon software.


                    I can use either programs while operating on motherboard graphics.

                    Which means, it kills my monitor...puts it back to low res 800x600 graphics.

                    But then Windows usually installs a (AMD) driver at that point (on its own) to get me back to 1920x1080 HD.


                    I cannot do any of this with the video card installed.

                    As soon as I put it back in, I boot with a black screen...normal and safe mode.


                    So I am still stumped as how to do this, or follow your directions.

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                        Beginning to sound like your GPU Card is bad.


                        No GPU drivers are installed when the computer first boots up. Since you get no video at all from when it first boots up, sounds like it is the GPU card is bad or the GPU card video output port went bad.


                        D-Sub is VGA port. Does your monitor support DVI-D or HDMI or DP?


                        Are you using a VGA to VGA cable or are you using an Adapter  DVI/HDMI/DP to VGA?


                        Try using a different Video port on the GPU card and see if you get video when you boot up.  If you are using an VGA Adapter, the adapter must be an "ACTIVE" adapter. This means the adapter converts the digital signal into a analog signal before reaching the monitor.


                        Best way to find out is to try and install it in another computer. If it does the same thing with no video, most likely your GPU went bad.

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                          If you are black in safe mode then I would think it is a bad card too. It should be no issue in safe mode. To know for sure I would try that card in another PC ( just saw elstaci said that too). If it works in another machine, you got your answer right there. If you have not done what I said with DDU, I would still try that first. It absolutely can't hurt.

                          The amd cleanup utility is a bit more harsh at it's approach. It will remove all things AMD even driver not for graphics. So it can be a bit overkill for what is needed. It also while removing physical jobs leaves registry settings behind for the video that DDU removes. Many of the AMD guys also recommend DDU. If you want to stick with a stock AMD approach do the clean install from the custom in the Graphics driver but I don't recommend the AMD cleanup utility unless it is a last resort before reinstalling Windows.

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                              Today, I am going to try to install this card in a different computer and see if i get the D-Sub error.

                              That will tell me right away if the card is the problem.

                              I don't get the error, I am obviously back to fixing the system.


                              I submitted a ticket for this on the first day, and just got an email reply back from AMD Tech support regarding this problem...

                              basically this is what the tell me to do:


                              Reset the motherboard bios by clearing the CMOS.

                              Remove the CMOS battery for a few seconds.

                              [I'm confused...Does removing the battery reset the BIOS? or is this two different things?]


                              Reset the Monitor settings to default from OSD settings.

                              [I don't know how to do this? There is only one "reset" option in the colours and contrasts menu]


                              Download the DDU Tool and AMD Drivers [(they linked in the email)].

                              Run the DDU Tool by using the .exe file.

                              When a warning is given that the PC is not in safe mode, opt for safe mode and the computer will reboot in safe mode.

                              Run the DDU tool.

                              Now install the AMD Drivers.

                              [at this point I am confused, because without the R7 Card installed, the drivers will not install.

                              If I put the Card back in first, I will not be able to do any of this because of the black screen/D-SUB error.

                              Unless the error is cleared after resetting the BIOS/CMOS?

                              So what do I do?... keep taking everything apart and inserting, removing the Video Card and trying it at every step?.

                              At some point I am going to damage this card (if its not already damaged)

                              Or...when do they suggest I install the Video card?]

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                                  I'm in no position to second guess AMD on reasoning. It shouldn't hurt to remove and put the card back in, as long as you are gentle.


                                  Now to answer a few  of your questions.


                                  When it comes to resetting the CMOS. I would refer to your motherboard book if you have one. If not your mother board model is usually printed on the board itself and you can google for a manual.

                                  Typically clearing the CMOS is done with a jumper. It is possible that removing battery will reset the primary bios to defaults. This however will reset any customizations you have made if any in the bios. Things like driver boot order, power on after failure, overclocking, etc....


                                  I would look for the way the manual tells you to do it first, but pulling the battery is an easy way to accomplish it if you don't know and I am sure that is why AMD just says to do that.


                                  If your monitor has no other default reset, then no, nothing else you can do.


                                  DDU must be run from safe mode.


                                  Yes you have to put the card back in before installing the AMD drivers you want. Remember to be disconnected from the internet. This is very important!

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                                      Well, I think I followed AMD instructions...and more!...over the last four hours...


                                      Step by Step:

                                      I disconnected the Internet cable.

                                      I removed the CMOS Battery for about 10 minutes.

                                      Then I rebooted...and was asked to do something about the BIOS.

                                      I chose to load the default settings. Date and Time are changed to 2002!

                                      Then I rebooted again, this time into safe mode.

                                      I ran DDU...twice...because first time I forgot to check remove all AMD Files/Folders.

                                      Then I rebooted into normal mode. Windows adjusted the Monitor settings to 1920x1080 again.

                                      I "reset" the monitor ...all default settings.

                                      Then I shut down and connected the Radeon Card using the D-Sub connection.

                                      Rebooted...with a black screen/ out of range message again.

                                      Tried booting in safe model, same screen.


                                      Disconnected the monitor...and attached an older monitor that has a dvi-d connection.

                                      Using the dvi-d cable I was able to get a screen...crappy looking, but a windows screen.

                                      So I rebooted into safe mode and did the DDU again.

                                      Then rebooted into normal and installed the up to date radeon software.

                                      Rebooted...and Windows will not load. Black screen and keeps trying to reboot.

                                      Rebooted into safe mode...it worked...but obviously I am not getting anywhere.


                                      I have reset BIOS again...run the DDU again (in safe mode).

                                      Gone back to my original monitor, connected by D-Sub cable to onboard motherboard graphics.


                                      I still have no clue if the Video card is fried, or the dongle (dvi-d to d-sub) is damaged (why would it be?) or if the D-Sub cable is damaged (why would it be?)

                                      Or, is something on my mainboard fried?

                                      How do I confirm any of this?

                                      I have absolutely no problem buying whatever parts I need or even buying a new computer...if i could just confirm what is wrong!

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                            I just installed an older sapphire radeon 1gb  video card in my system (from my TV Computer).

                            The card is (PCI express)  and has two outputs (DVI-D and D-SUB/VGA)


                            I connected using the VGA out...D-SUB cable direct to monitor.

                            Works fine.

                            Driver installed, rebooted, working fine.


                            I attached the Dongle Adaptor to the DVI-D port and to the VGA(D-SUB) cable to the monitor.

                            Works even better!

                            DVI-D output is sharp and clear.


                            Correct me if I am wrong...this tells me that:

                            The motherboard and pci-express slot are fine.

                            The VGA (D-SUB) cable is fine.

                            The Dongle/Adaptor (DVI-D to D-SUB) is fine.

                            Windows is fine.


                            So that must mean the Video card is the problem.


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                              sort of related question...

                              my mainboard is Asus M5A78L-M  and CPU is AMD FX8300 8 core


                              Am I restricted to an AMD Radeon card? I've always only had Radeon Cards.

                              Tried a GeForce card once, in an older system and it wouldn't work, went back to Radeon cards.

                              But I am hearing better things about Nvidia, and I am tired of AMD issues.


                              I am looking at this:

                              MSI GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4G

                              or this:

                              Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GV-N105TOC-4GD


                              Yes...I've already ordered a 750w power supply (I'll keep my 600w as a back up)

                              • Re: ? Video crashed, "out of range" issue, can't seem to fix Drivers....

                                Does the R7 370 work with the monitor when connected via HDMI? It sounds like an issue with the D-sub.