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RX 480 crashing in GW2

Question asked by flynhawn on Nov 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by flynhawn

My system:


Self-built desktop



I had Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.10.2 installed, but while experiencing numerous crashes in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) I noticed a driver update available, so installed 18.9.3. Not sure how a lower number is an update..


Windows 7 64-bit SP1

OS is up to date with all important and critical patches as of 11/25/2018


LG Ultrawide 34" 2560x1080@144Hz w/Freesync

Freesync is enabled in both the monitor and Radeon Settings


Gigabyte Z170-X Gaming 7 BIOS American Megatrends F8 dated 08/26/2016



I had been running it at 4.5GHz with RAM at XMP settings after having run numerous benchmarks including AIDA64, Cinebench, Heaven, OCCT, Prime95, Firestrike and MemTest86. (I ran Heaven and Firestrike as I was trying to get a bit more from the vid card, but could not get anything stable.) However after the constant crashing in GW2 I set optimized defaults and then actually lowered the clock speed of the CPU to 3.1GHz after reading that GW2 has issues with oc'd hardware. The vid card is running at stock settings which are 1300MHz core clock, 1750MHz memory clock.


EVGA Supernova G2 550W 80+ Gold


16GB Geil Super Luce DDR4-2400



There are no explicit steps required to experience a crash. I can run the game less than 5 minutes or it can run for an hour or 2 before a crash. I'm not doing anything special in the game when it occurs and there are no graphical intensive effects going off. There aren't many people per server or, if there are, not in the starter areas in which I find myself. One thing to note is that the Radeon driver is definitely crashing which causes the game to crash which became apparent once I started playing in windowed mode. This has happened with both the 18.10.2 and 18.9.3 drivers.


The only game for which I am experiencing issues is GW2, build 93613.


I initially had set the game to fullscreen so that I could take advantage of the high refresh rate I enjoy in other games and had most video settings set to medium other than Character Model Limit and Character Model Quality which were set to high, Antialiasing set to FXAA and Effect LOD checked. I have an ongoing dialog with GW2 tech support and one of the things they suggested I try is playing in windowed mode. While in windowed mode game settings are as follows:


Resolution: Window

Refresh Rate: Default

Frame Limiter: Unlimited

Interface Size: Normal

DPI Scaling is checked

Full-Screen Gamma and Enable Stereoscopic Rendering are grayed out


In Advanced Settings the following are available:


Settings Preset: Best Performance, Autodetect, Best Appearance - If I choose Autodetect, all are the same as Best Appearance with the exceptions of Antialiasing which is FXAA for Autodetect and SMAA High for Best Appearance, and Render Sampling which is Native for Autodetect and Supersample for Best Appearance. The rest are:


Animation: High

Environment: High

LOD Distance: Ultra

Reflections: All

Textures: High

Shadows: Ultra

Shaders: High

Postprocessing: High

Character Model Limit: Highest

Character Model Quality: Highest


Additionally, the following boxes are all checked:


Ambient Occlusion, Best Texture Filtering, Depth Blur, Effect LOD, High-Res Character Textures


If I choose Best Performance settings are as follows (with NO Antialiasing and Render Sampling set to Subsample):


Animation: Low

Environment: Low

LOD Distance: Low

Reflections: None

Textures: Low

Shadows: Low

Shaders: Low

Postprocessing: None

Character Model Limit: Lowest

Character Model Quality: Low