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    ab350 gaming 2400g game crashes


      Howdy folks,


      Hoping some of you can help me with this.


      I recently built a computer with the following:


      AB350-Gaming motherboard by Gigabyte

      12 gb Corsair Vengeance Ram

      Ryzen 2400g Processer with Wraith Cooling and Vega 11 Graphics

      And a GTX 970 graphics card.


      The graphics card was an additional purchase as I was getting constant BSOD errors without it. I then installed the card and the drivers and stopped getting BSOD's but now the games just crash with no rhyme or reason to them.


      I've re-installed windows, updated it to the current version, downloaded all the current drivers. I even flashed the bios back to F10 which was the patch for the 2400g - but alas about ten minutes in to Witcher 3  it just stops - and returns me to the desktop.


      I've read somewhere it could be a voltage to do with my RAM, but I have no idea what that means and I am literally at my wits end!


      Help please!