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    Ryzen 7 2700 black screen at boot




      I bought a new Ryzen 7 2700 and a ASUS Prime x370-PRO motherboard and a closed water cooling system from Corsair, but the computer fails to boot correctly.

      All I get is a black screen, the monitor doesn't even get a signal. Tried the integrated HDMI port and the GPU port with both HDMI and DP.

      The motherboard came without PC Speeker so I'm not able to hear any fail indication beeps.

      All fans and LED's in the computer works fine tho. Tried the fan that was supplied with the CPU, it seem to run at a very slow speed when I power the computer on.

      All cables from the PSU are correctly inserted. Tried different RAM and RAM-slots. Also tried another working GPU  and PSU and reseting the CMOS but no luck.


      From my experience with other computer builds, the CPU fan runs at 100% at boot but my supplied CPU fan runs at around 20%. Does that indicate on a known problem that could be fixed?



      - Jim

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          Been reading alot on the internet about this problem and it seem to affect lots of people with ASUS motherboards.

          The problem might be the motherboard is shiped with an old version of BIOS not supporting Ryzen 5/7.

          Read that AMD can lend me a supported CPU so I can update, but I'm going to the store where i bought the motherboard to see if they can help me first.

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              Hi citronster


              I,m an ASUS Prime X370-Pro owner too, you're right, most likely you have received the motherboard with outdated BIOS to support the Ryzen 2000-series.

              If the store where you bought can't help you return it, will be fast way, the waiting time for a Boot Kit provided by AMD may be delayed more than desired, let me recommend you to buy any new motherboard with chipset B450 or X470, are more prepared for Ryzen 2000-series.

              If it helps, ASUS Prime X370-Pro suffers many problems installing software with hardware control capability, e.g. AI Suite 3, Ryzen Master etc., you can find more information on internet.