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Relive 18.10.1 and 18.9.3 unsynchronized audio and video

Question asked by matheuspucci on Nov 24, 2018

    Hey, since 18.10.1 i'm experiencing some bugs when editing a video. There is unsynchronized audio and video in 99% of my recordings. Sometimes it's even worse, the video just "skips" some frames and jumps some seconds in random parts making it hard to synchronize. Sometimes the MIC audio gets a little "robotic" and unsynchronize as well. The audio from the game is often unsynchronize from the video.

   Another bug is that when i try to install the optional 18.11.2 it gets partially installed and amd relive disapears. I had to make a clean install and the bugs doesn't go away!


Is there a fix or are you working on a fix?


Specs:  Win 10 x64

             R7 360 2GB

             Fx 6300

             8GB RAM


Video editor:

Camtasia 9 and Premiere CC 2015