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rx 580 (XFX GTR) 8gb defaults at core 1200mhz? Stock oc is supposed to be 1386mhz!

Question asked by moonfrost on Nov 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by moonfrost

So I just got an XFX rx 580 8gb GTR (the one with white LED fans), card runs fine and temps are as expected (I did research before buying). My questions is, is it normal, is it some power feature of this specific model or rx 580's in general to keep default core clocks at 1200 mhz? Card is supposed to have a factory overclock of 1386 mhz, and a memory clock of 2100 mhz.


The memory clock is the same, but the core clock stays at 1200 mhz no matter what, no matter if gpu usage is 100% and using over 4 or 5gb of vram, it still defaults to 1200 mhz. This is my first AMD card, I checked wattman, and saw that setting the frequency to "dynamic" allowed me to change the "states", and so in state 7 I was allowed to put "1386" there, and according to msi afterburner, it does in fact now run at 1386, but only after I did this manually...I didn't overclock it without wanting to, did I? And is this the way the card is put to use its full power instead of trying to save power?


I'd appreciate any help.