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Help; R7 250 Crashes

Question asked by lithid on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by greyknight86

Hello, as of late. I built a new computer, and got an R7 250 off of a friend to act in place of a GPU that I will get later. Perhaps an RX 590. Anyway, I had very little issue with this card up until EXTREMELY recently. When I first got the card and installed the drivers, everything seemed fine. All except for one thing. Very rarely, I would click on a MP4 file, it would open a VLC windows with black in it. And a popup would appear with "Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored after an unexpected system failure." And I would close the VLC window. If I opened up any other MP4 file, my entire system would lock up and I would have to hold the system power button for 15 seconds in order to restart it. I never paid that too much mind. The real problem started the other day. I just got CoD:BOIII for PC and wanted to play with my friend. We got up to round 12 and I was in the Cinema area, with all of the cars. All of the sudden that popup came up, and after 5 seconds, exactly. My PC locked up. Had to reset it. I thought "Maybe it would be a one time thing." However, flash forward 30 minutes ago and an hour into a Sims game, it did the same exact thing...


What do I do?