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    A12 9800E


      Hello try to install a linux system on an ASrock X370 Pro4 with an A12 9800E. 16Go DDR4 RAM 2400. The pc shutdown very quickly? i have succeeded to install debian but in graphic mode the pc shutdown when entering after login in .

      Impossible to install an other distro( Centos, Ubuntu, arch Linux) Nothing works???

      Windows 8.1 works perfectly with one screen.

      Where does it come from ? CPU drivers?

      Thank's for some ways to think about it?

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          Operating systems support is determined by the motherboard and the system BIOS.

          Windows 10 64bit is the only supported operating system for your motherboard.

          You should check with ASROCK support and the Linux community forums to determine if there are other operating systems in development for your motherboard.

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