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having different driver after updating

Question asked by x-man on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2018 by kingfish

i have hp 15-bs123ne

which has radeon 520 GPU (as noted in hp official site)


after installing the original driver from hp and having AMD software installed as well and it showed that i have radeon 520 as it should do (pic 1)

AMD radeon 520.jpg

then i checked for updates and installed the i found on the app

i opened the app again after installing the update and restarting the laptop

i found that it shows that i have R5 m330 (pic 2)

AMD R5 m330.jpg

adding that also before i install the official driver from hp. windows was downloading that driver (R5 m330) as well but i aborted it


and after making some further research i found that they are almost the same GPU with having the same chip (as i understood)

with some modifications and improvements


so my questions here are

1-should i uninstall that driver and install the official driver and never update it till hp releases a new update

2-(if no) is it okay to leave that driver and update it?

(considering if there won't be any problems i am okay with leaving it and just having different name)