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asus prime x399 nvme raid

Question asked by gaweu on Nov 23, 2018



I recently bought Asus Prime x399-a with Threadripper 1920x and 2x Samsung 970 Evo NVMe drives.

I have problem with setting raid with those. I was trying to find some info online for all day yesterday but I failed.


So my 1st question is. Can I make it with both drives plugged in to mainboard? Or do i need that PCIe adapter where i plug those drivers?

I could not find answer to that and maybe it is just as simple as that. If i can use ports on motherboard for it then i will add that i have BIOS upgraded to last version 0808. And i changed all the options in UEFI to match those in all the guides i could find online and I still cant see that RAID Xpres2 agent to create Array.


Thanks for help!