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Memtest86+ (in SMP mode) with Ryzen3 2200G is freezing

Question asked by wegmann on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by henrivdr

Memtest86+ with Ryzen3 2200G is freezing in SMP mode. Press F2 to enter the SMP mode in Memtest86+ when it starts. You can use an Ubuntu 18.04 install stick to start the memory test. I have two processors (one replaced by AMD) that behave the same. Has Memtest86+ a bug or can anybody confirm this freezing? I replaced the motherboard twice (!!!) the memory several times in many combinations (!!!) and also the PSU. And yes, I also tried an external graphic card. Memtest86+ stops at 20 or 21 percent always.


I would be happy if anybody can confirm this behavior.


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