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AMD Serious Driver issues

Question asked by usertouser on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by pokester


Here is a screenshot dump of some of the events, the error code (43), and the driver. ABOVE


Steps I have taken to try to solve this issue:

Disable driver signature enforcement on start-up

Re-installing and deleting the drivers

Complete clean install of the drivers to no avail

Clean installing involving different driver versions (as early as adrenaline 18.9)




The problem happened around when I was stupidly fooling around with the drivers(reinstalling and trying to upgrade them manually w device manager) where I was uninstalling them, and trying to install new ones. Ever since then I have been very disheartened and have had no solutions to fix it since I even tried rolling it back... Whats worse, it showed up as a r7 even while it wasn't working, after wiping my computer clean its now showing up as a r8 and I just can't fathom how windows is messing this up so badly... I really need help, I have tried everything and this is holding me back and taken to many hours to solve.


I have an HP Pavillion, it is a LAPTOP, not a desktop, and am running windows 10. I can provide more screenshots if need be.


Any help will be massively appreciated and acknowledged