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RX480 amd driver not installed or not functioning properly

Question asked by lastspark on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2018 by lastspark

Hi everyone,

So there is a bit of a story here, but I will include a TL:DR at the bottom. Now, I currently am sporting a Saphire RX480 8gb. I tried to update the drivers a few times over the months but each time the amd software would freeze up (for hours on end) and I would just kill it. Today I tried again except my screen went black at some point during the installation. With no other option, I restarted my computer.
Needless to say, my monitor no longer gets a signal from the computer, I have tried both of the card's HDMI ports, and do not have the means to test out the other ports. I used my integrated graphics (from cpu) to start messing around here is what I tried:


1: Use DDU to clean wipe any drivers and reinstall the proper ones, making sure to prevent windows 7 from reinstalling drivers automaticaly.

2. Used the auto detect tool to reinstall the drivers.

3. Restarted computer and got this message.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 several times out of desperation.


Now, I tried to update the drivers for a while now because the past few days my screen would flicker and a weird noise would be sent through my headphones (connected through an audio jack). This was only for the past few days.


My specs:


Windows 7


12gb RAM

Got a black screen during another failed driver update, restarted computer as it was inaccessible, no signal started coming from the card. Tried to resintall drivers cleanly, now I get the message mentioned up top, and still not signal from card.


Thanks in advance!