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6 monitors! What graphics card to buy?

Question asked by sedzik on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by fsadough

So I am running old hardware and am thinking of buying some more used monitors.
With that, I would like to buy a used Radeon card which could drive 6 monitors independently.


This is the kind of monitor setup I would like to run


1 x DL-DVI 2560x1600
1 x HDMI or DP 2560x1600

4 x HDMI or DP 1900x1200


What eyefinity card can actually do this?
I was fist thinking of the Asus Matrix 7970 but that won't work.


I have no problems buying adapters but would like one card that could do this.


I have found some old forum posts here and elsewhere but it is unclear to me if
this can be done?


Any ideas?