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    voltage soc ryzen Minimum stock default


      what is the default stock voltage for a ryzen 2700, the maximum recommended is 1.2v but ... and the recommended minimum for memories 2400-2666? no type of overclock will be made.

      If the memory goes up to 3200, what would be the recommended soc voltage without danger to use 24-7?





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          Hi bixtan


          The SOC voltage are fixed by the motherboards manufacturers via BIOS depending by CPU installed, i suppose for Ryzen 2700 non-X will be around 1.0v, if you are not planing OC there no reasons to be worried. If i'm not wrong the DDR4 voltage (1.2v for 2400-2666mhz and 1.35v for 3200mhz) is independent of the SOC voltage, choosing any model of DDR4 modules included in the QVL of the chosen motherboard your experience 24/7 will be successful.