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online problem report does not work at all.

Question asked by cplifj on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by goodplay

So yeah, i wanted to report a problem again but lo & behold, the website keeps indicating it's redirecting and nothing much happens else.


So here i am again on this forum to post the problems with AMD gear.


In latest 18.11.2 AMD claims to have fixes eleveted clocks at idle…..    I did not have that problem for a long time now,


But i do still have the problem of clockspeeds staying stuck at high after gaming , anything via steam really. Fallout 4 for instance.


Quit the game and clocks do not return to idle as they should.


I do remember paying 850 € for this Vega 64 Liquid cooled.  One year later still the same problems or problems that were gone seem to return.


Anyway, GOOD JOB AMD, cause that's all you wanna hear apparantly. Ranting and saying your products are subpar only gets us nothing but your bully fanboys on our heads.


Like everywhere else in the tech industry these days. They all fail big and keep attacking their customers when those complain about it.


If you like i could send a system problem report, but i guess it's all just a lie to keep people sweetened up. Yeah you guessed it, 30+ years of experience with this business sector is making me sick in my stomach. Why do i not have a company ? Because i couldn't run it the way people do nowadays = don't care about anything but revenue.