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    inaccessible boot device after updating amd driver


      So I was installing the 18.11.2 gpu drivers on a windows 10 computer with vega64

      I opted for clean install of the drivers so it rebooted my computer - and now it bluescreens with Inaccessible Boot Device.


      Tried for two days to get it working - with no avail.

      Did a lot of google searching, nothing works for me.


      So in CMD (the windows 10 recovery) I cannot see my C: Drive, ssd is locked (using store mi with a 1tb hd and 128gb nvme ssd, windows on the 1tb hard drive)

      So I try to dir C: and does not find anything

      chkdsk /f /r returns "windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected"


      Drives appear properly in bios.

      also diskpart list drivers shows me the drives but with 0 bytes free

      so I select disk 0 (the 1tb ssd) and list partitions - i see Partition 1 with 0 bytes size.

      list volume sais there are no volumes.


      I cannot do system restore because it tells me to select the windows installation first. looks like my drives are locked...


      back to cmd bootrec /scanos shows zero windows installations

      bootrec /fixmbr sais the operation completed successfully....

      bootrec /fixboot - element not found

      tried sfc /scannow - Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation


      ....... can you help me please?