Ryzen 2700x freezes at 80C

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Hi friends, I need help regarding the temperatures of my Ryzen 2700x new build. My PC hangs at 80C while 3D rendering(overclocked for testing with stock cooler). According to Ryzen Master software and the CPUID Hardware monitor(Package Node 0), the temperature of CPU is 80C at the time of the freeze. And the confusing factor is that my motherboard CPU temp reads 90C which is 10C more than the Package Node 0 temperature. I doubt whether the Node 0 temperature readings are wrong? Because I learned from the internet that the stock cooler cannot handle much temperature during overclocking, so I am expecting the CPU to reach temperatures like 90C before freezing. In my case, it freezes at 80C.


Here are the readings while PC freezes:

CPUID Hardware monitor(Package Node 0) reads: 80C

Ryzen Master software reads: 80C

Temperature that motherboard reads of CPU: 90C


I am attaching an image of the readings while the PC froze.


So my concern is why there is a temperature difference?

If 80C is the actual reading then why the computer is freezing before even reaching 90C?

and which is the actual reading and how we can fix this? too many concerns


Ryzen 2700x + stock cooler

G-Skill 3200 8GB x 2

MSI x470 Gaming Pro Carbon

Zotac GTA 1070 Mini

EVGA Gold GQ 750W


Thanks in advance!