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    Ryzen 2700x freezes at 80C


      Hi friends, I need help regarding the temperatures of my Ryzen 2700x new build. My PC hangs at 80C while 3D rendering(overclocked for testing with stock cooler). According to Ryzen Master software and the CPUID Hardware monitor(Package Node 0), the temperature of CPU is 80C at the time of the freeze. And the confusing factor is that my motherboard CPU temp reads 90C which is 10C more than the Package Node 0 temperature. I doubt whether the Node 0 temperature readings are wrong? Because I learned from the internet that the stock cooler cannot handle much temperature during overclocking, so I am expecting the CPU to reach temperatures like 90C before freezing. In my case, it freezes at 80C.


      Here are the readings while PC freezes:

      CPUID Hardware monitor(Package Node 0) reads: 80C

      Ryzen Master software reads: 80C

      Temperature that motherboard reads of CPU: 90C


      I am attaching an image of the readings while the PC froze.


      So my concern is why there is a temperature difference?

      If 80C is the actual reading then why the computer is freezing before even reaching 90C?

      and which is the actual reading and how we can fix this? too many concerns


      Ryzen 2700x + stock cooler

      G-Skill 3200 8GB x 2

      MSI x470 Gaming Pro Carbon

      Zotac GTA 1070 Mini

      EVGA Gold GQ 750W


      Thanks in advance!

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          amd2700X, the maximum temperature for the AMD 2700X is 85C as measured by Ryzen Master (RM).  Please do NOT believe any other CPU temperature numbers but RM's.  Please post a screenshot of RM when at a high CPU temperature.  Are you OCing, running your memory at what speed?  What is your memory PN, your UEFI and OS version?  Usually the supplied cooler is OK if applied correctly.  Your CPU should never freeze, internal logic should reduce the CPU voltage and clock to lower the CPU temperature.  Are you running the latest AMD DLed chip set drivers?  There is an image icon at the top of the reply window to post a screenshot.  Enjoy, John.

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              Hi John, thanks for the reply. These are the details you asked.

              OverClocking: Game boost option with the motherboard app- will OC the CPU to 4.15GHz

              Memory: G.SKILL F4-3200C16D-16GTZR Trident Z RGB Series - OCed to 3200MHzhttps://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01MTDEYHU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

              BIOS: MSI Click Bios 5

              OS: Windows 10

              Today I have updated the chipset drivers and BIOS. but no differences- instead now freezing before 80C.


              These next two images are taken after PC frozen. Here it is frozen at 77C.



              Below Pic: no overclock_idle



              Below Pic: no overclock full load



              Below Pic: overclocked_4.15GHz_idle



              I have updated the BIOS as well as installed new chipset drivers. still no luck.

              Please notice that there is a clear temp difference for CPU between the Package Node 0 temp and the Motherboard temp. This time it froze at 77C. This is a new build, so if we can't fix this issue asap, then I think it is better to go for a replacement. But the confusing part is I don't what need to be replaced- motherboard or CPU or anything else...




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                  billy72, where did you get this: "The freezes at those temperatures are normal, it's a security CPU health default configuration in BIOS..."?  I do not believe this for a minute!  A processor should never freeze.

                  amd2700X, as I posted above, RM CPU temperatures are the only ones to believe!  I do not even look at the other screenshots - they are simply WRONG!

                  It is time to open an AMD Online Support ticket - here.  Please provide them a link to this thread and ask if a freezing CPU is normal.  Let us know what you learn.  Enjoy, John.

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                Hi amd2700x


                The freezes at those temperatures are normal, it's a security CPU health default configuration in BIOS, out of OS and inside BIOS the CPU temps always go up around 10-15 Cº, it's normal too.


                Key question:


                - Which temps without OC can you observe?


                Advice: Try to quickly solve those temperatures if you do not want to damage any hardware component and lose the warranty offered by AMD.



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                    Hi Billy thanks for the reply,

                    without OC with full load, it comes to 71C. In the AMD website they say till 85C is safe for a 2700x CPU. My concern is once it froze at 80C and at another instance at 77C. So if it is because of bios max temp setting, I think every time it should freeze at a constant temp value..? And when I touch the heat sink, it is not that hot also. I have seen computers running really hot while rendering for a long time.. and my build is not even close to that..

                    for example, I just ran a test on my workplace Dell Precision workstation, its processor is i7 7700K. it easly crosses 80C during rendering. please see the image.
                    Core i7 7700K_no oc.jpg

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                        There is no electronic assembly, chip or machine in the world that taking its performance to the extreme can be considered safe, 85ºC is the line you should not reach with 2700X, between 75 and 80ºC as maximum.


                        Images HWinfo: Ryzen 2700X | ASUS Prime X370-Pro (only 8 pin CPU power supply connector) | NZXT Kraken X62 (pump and fans at full speed before beguine torture) without OC with PBO enabled running Prime95 Small FF






                        as you can see the I do not have many options to increase performance because my motherboard does not allow it (I'm satisfied with my current performance), but you have an excellent High-End X470 motherboard with 8 + 8 CPU power supply connectors, installing a High-End cooling solution (Wraith Prism is poor for extreme purposes) and through BIOS configuring diferent PBO settings you can get 20% performance increase you're looking for (rrealistically you can not get much more).


                        In other words: Ryzen X 2000-series has been designed for not OC purposes, but Precision Boost Overdrive 2 can be and excellent option.


                        Advice: Better cooling solution (if you are not worried about noise go to AIO 280mm or 360mm), clear CMOS frequently (to resolve the different max temps freezes) and do not compare with Intel i7-7700K, 2700X is a totally different 8 cores/16 threads CPU concept.


                        To keep in mind: Extreme PBO and OC can damage your CPU and lose AMD warranty.

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                      Thank you everyone for the replies. It helped me to find out the problem. After few tests, I noticed that the early freezing is happening because of the incompatible overclock settings in the MSI Game Boost option. To find out this, I ran the processor at high temps in the normal mode and it went up to 84C on RM(84C on Tdie and 94C on Tctl (Tctl has 10C offset)) and not freezing(not enough courage to go beyond 84C) I used Autodesk Maya for rendering(I think no stress test or benchmark app can stress the CPU like this- most of the time even mouse pointer won't move during render) and kept the fan speeds low so that the system will go to higher temperatures. And found that there is no freezing till 84C(Tdie)/94C(Tctl) or 84C Ryzen Master. I didn't go further- afraid of frying something on the way.. . Actually I don't have any plan to do OC since the results are not that great with this processor. Maybe I might do it after few years when the current computing power is not quite enough, but now I am going to get entertained with the light show of the prism cooler!

                      I have to say that this processor is a beast when it comes to 3D rendering as it has exactly 200% performance when compared to a workstation with i7 7700K.


                      Anyways thanks for the help. please let me know your thoughts.

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