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Incorrect Pixel Data

Question asked by chrislinyh76 on Nov 19, 2018

Hi Sir,

We are LCD panel R&D and planing to migrate some of our lab PC graphic cards from sole n-company cards to R570 or R580 due to FreeSync demand. But the first problem which stops us, is the incorrect pixel color problem under Windows7 X64 desktop.

With n-company cards, in mspaint.exe, if we use a color RGB(254,254,254) on a pixel, R570 actually outputs RGB(255,255,255) no matter with HDMI or Displayport interface. If we use a color RGB(244,244,244), the color from R570 vibrates between RGB(245,246,245) or RGB(244,245,244). It looks like some kind of dithering feature is always enabled no matter what color temperature, brightness or contrast ratio. This problem makes Gamma incorrect arround RGB(208,208,208)~RGB(255,255,255).

The environment is Windows7 X64 and R570 driver is updated to the lasted version last month. There is no such problem with n-company card or AMD WX4100. Could you please help us fix the problem or give us a suggestion?