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    Supercomputers over the last 20 years: From 1,388 Gflops to 143,500 Tflops of power


      I thought about this while reading about the Cray Shasta computing blades packing serious power. Hard to believe the difference in the last 20 years the top supercomputer has increased in power by...an insane percent. With these new blades and dedicated professional accelerator cards, it will be interesting to see what the list looks like in 2020




      And this is the list I expect them to have the most effect on. The current fastest, Summit, is already #3 on the Green500, but if AMD can muscle in on Intel's and IBM's territory at the ultra high end, it will no doubt be all over AMD's site, as well as most of the internet, if and AMD powered computer can top both the Top500 and Green500...Just hope it will be in the United States and not China...