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      I yesterday bought RX 560 560D4SFG5.

      When I installed it drivers weren't right because it said that I have radeon pro 450. I wanted to clean reinstall it.I followed this steps Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers . I all did right but when I rebooted my pc,Windows 7 64 bit,it installed Vga standard graphics adapter... I downloaded latest rx 560 drivers but error 182 comes up "AMD Installer cannot properly indentify the AMD graphics hardware.",when I try with disc drivers it says that all drivers are installed. I've been collecting money for so long and now when I finally have it there is this problem. I am so worried.

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          From which manufacturer this card is from? XFX, Gigabyte or Asus? Have you tried consulting with the manufacturer's website for product support.

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            In Device Manager..do you have any yellow marks?

            What was the previous graphics? If Nvidia, run DDU and select Nvidia to delete any remaining settings.

            Is Win7 fully updated?

            ** Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 must be fully updated before attempting to install any AMD driver. All 'critical', 'recommended', and 'optional' (no language packs,etc) updates as well as any Service Packs (SP) must be installed before any attempt to install graphics drivers. If you do not get this message .... keep installing until you do: