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Radeon HD6870 Black Screen After Windows Update 10 Build 1809

Question asked by weivisson on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by kingfish


By coincidence, after updating the latest build of Windows 10, the video driver did not work correctly and the black screen.

I have already managed to enter the security mode and disable the driver, so I can access Windows, but if I try to update the black screen driver in time. Rest and I can no longer access the logon screen due to the black screen.

I've tried several solutions found on the internet, I've fired on the manufacturer's website, formatted several times and now I'm running the desktop running the generic video driver from Microsoft with low resolution.

Placade video Radeon HD6870

Is there any way to solve this?


I posted the same problem on Microsoft support and they replied that I would go back to Build previous (1803), but I had already done the recovery and even then the driver still did not get stable again.


I see here in the forum AMD and through Google in several forums the same problem, with the same HD6870 video card and other models too, in very old dates which suggests that the problem is recurrent and old, suggesting that it can be independent of Build this crash with Driver.

What I also see is that there is no knowledge base to deal with this error, they are just asking for help and no answers on how to solve it permanently or why it happens.