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Fuzzy screen with amd rx580

Question asked by felihysle on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by felihysle

I just bought a new desktop (win10 pro) online and received my order this week. However it turned out to have some display problems.


The integrated graphics as well as other components on pc worked just fine and the display was perfect clear on LCD monitor. Then I shut down the computer and installed external graphics card (amd rx580), when the trouble came out. As I powered up my pc, I got a badly fuzzy screen (to be exact, half of dots on screen were misplaced a bit left by the same direction and distance, which looked like two blurred screen stacked together (one of them was a little off-screen to the left of course... )) on monitor. At that moment I had not installed the driver for graphics card (only OS+mobo drivers) so I thought it might be the case, yet it still had the same result after I installed the driver (downloaded right from this website) and restarted the pc.


Something interesting here is: I took a few screenshots (I will post url for the images below) of the fuzzy screen, yet when I checked them on another pc, they were all perfect clear. Fuzzy screen but clear screen capture, so what could be the problem?


Nothing went wrong until I seated external graphics, so it seems like I got a bad graphics card. I am not sure whether it is the truth or not (could also be like wrong system/display settings or wiring issues, besides I have no other card by hand for testing, after all they are not cheap), especially when I found that the fans of gpu was spinning from time to time and the blue light beside the port of 8pin PCI-e cable was on (which made me think gpu was running properly). If the result were negative,  it would be stupid to replace gpu for nothing.


Btw I was using a HDMI cable (just bought it this week, brand new) for gpu-monitor connection, and also a VGA connection between mobo and monitor. Both monitor and gpu have port for DVI as well but I cannot test it now without a cable (also I believe HDMI could do exactly the same job).


I will be really appreciated if there is any help. Thanks for the time!