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Game selecting wrong GPU to run on

Question asked by ikes on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by matthew998

I have two GPUs in my system a 480 and 7870. I am trying to play modded minecraft but the game will not run on the 480 even though the 480 is the default GPU in Radeon settings, the 480 is connected to the default monitor, and the game launches on the default monitor. I've added the game in Radeon settings but there is no option to choose what GPU it runs on. In game the debug menu says it's running on the 7870. I know there used to be a setting in Catalyst control that let you select what GPU is used but I no longer see that option. I am running the newest drivers and java. With vanilla minecraft this isn't a problem, but with enough mods added to it the 7870 maxes out. The 480 is installed in the first PCIe slot, and the 7870 the third.