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Only enable 4c/8t and OC Ryzen 5 2600

Question asked by hamdani on Nov 18, 2018

My setup R5 2600

Asrock B450m Pro4

8gbx2 Avexir ddr4 2400mhz.

Corsair Cx650m.


As state above, I tried to oc my ryzen to 4.1ghz all core with various voltage setup from 1.25 up to 1.4v. All failed because high temp or exceeding voltage.

So i tried using Ryzen Master  Game Mode, and successfully oc to 4.1ghz@1.3625v.

I would like to try enabling only 4core/8thread using Ryzen Master which I think is enough for my daily usage for gaming and light usage.


My question is, is it possible to activate only 4core, and the other 2core I will put under very low frequency( because i cannot disable it?). Is it healthy for processor

for long term use? or somehow it will crisp my proc?


Picture below is just for example.