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AMD Wraith Prism LED Control not working with USB Header & Cooler Master Utility v1.5

Question asked by jasonamd on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by burtus

I am certain my USB cable is connected properly to the Wraith Prism cooler and to the AMD USB LED header on the motherboard (ASRock X470 Gaming ITX/ac). I have installed the THE AMD RYZEN WRAITH PRISM RGB LIGHTING CONTROL SOFTWARE, POWERED BY COOLER MASTER v1.5. The software prompts me to "Plug in your CM device to get started." Windows does not recognize the fan/RGB device and says "Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed)" in Device Manager.


I have reinstalled the AMD Chipset drivers and Cooler Master software, updated BIOS, tried enabling/disabling the ASRock LED Controller in UEFI, updating drivers for each USB controller in device manager, uninstalling/reinstalling each USB controller, and disabling power management under each USB controller.