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    Screen's speakers not recognized after a Radeon update


      Hello, I encountered a problem after radeon update 18.11.1, my screen's laptop stopped being recognized, in my output devices it's not coming up, i have 6 times the same "Digital Display Audio (AMD High Definition Audio Device)" which are unppluged, and "Realtek High definition audio" speakers, also marked unplugged. I'm on Windows 10 latest update, Rx 580 nitro+, I7 7700K. I had a TV plugged in the second HDMI port for movies, but it was turned off during the update.

      What do you think i should do ?

      Thank you !

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          What does Sound Panel in Windows 10 show as "default Audio Device"? 


          If you see your AMD audio device and is not on "default', then you will not hear any sound from your AMD audio device.


          What is the make and model of your laptop?  Do you have the latest BIOS and CHIPSET installed? 


          Try installing your laptop manufacturer's Graphics drivers and possibly Audio Drivers and see if everything works correctly including your AMD Audio.


          Use this method to install and update your AMD Graphics driver on your laptop: Laptop graphics update...How to