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RX 570 crashes on ALL Assassin's Creed Games

Question asked by silverwerewolf on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by silverwerewolf

I recently acquired a sapphire rx 570 pulse, the question is that I can play all the games quietly, but the assassins creed's all crash on the prologue (unity just when i have to start walking and press shift, syndicate when i have to when I have to sabotage the first crank on the beggining, black frag just after the first cinematic, Assassins Creed Origins Crashes without any error after first cutscene/cinematic/video), at the beginning, I was reading similar post and say that it is something at driver level, since when crashing the game crashes the driver and blinks the screen for a while until it stabilizes ... some HWACC hardware acceleration i read..., I have windows 10 ltsb (1607) and driver 18.9.3, also tried with 18.11.1 and nothing .. .. I am despairing, the truth is that I have become quite disappointed, with nvidia I never had a single problem of this kind for many years.


Edit 1:On origins i get 62fp avg on very high preset, the benchmarks works just well, with driver 18.9.3 after the first cinematics the game insta crash to the desktop, with 17.11.1 i can fight about 15s when the cinematics end and the game crash again...

Edit 2: Now i tried the 17.6.2 and ALL is fixed, but with a performance lost... so what IS the REAL fix here? why this happends? how i fix this and i can use the lastest drivers?