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How to reduce the RPM of Radeon at warm computer start?

Question asked by amdsucks on Nov 16, 2018

The Radeon card I have seems to start the fan at 60 Celsius, and stop the fan at 49. The problem is, when I restart or waking the PC, if the temperature is above 49, the fan seems to spin at maximum RPM (over 3000) until it reaches 49. This makes a really sudden noise.


I think a lower RPM would do the job. It does not need that immediate cooling, does it? So I have tried lowering those fan speed in Radeon Settings -> Gaming -> Global Settings -> Global WattMan.


The Min value was "640" and cannot be lowered. The Target value was high, so I tried something like "923". I have also set Min Acoustic Limit (MHz) to 349, which is a low value on the slide. Yet it still happens. Is there any solution? I want the RPM to be around 1000 RPM in that situation (temperature 50~60 Celsius at start), not over 3000 RPM.