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    Thermal info on WX7100


      Hello all,


      I've seen a number of places online that this card has overheating issues. I've seen it throttles at about ~90C but the card has a tendency to reach 92-93C when operating at room temperature (~22C). I've been working with AMD support on this and they've sent me here. I'd really love to get the heatsink and fan properties but either: AMD doesn't spec these items out themselves or they just don't want to give the info out. I've also asked for a max thermal output but I'm starting to gather they never did thermal analysis on this card. I'm trying to run a thermal analysis on an assembly that includes this card.

      Has anyone put thermocouples on this to find how hot it gets externally? Or has anyone found a way to improve cooling?


      Thank you!

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          Hi caitlin.smith


          I recommend you read this Please, remake Radeon pro WX7100's heatsink and this Enterprise 18.Q3.1 thermal shutdown


          UPDATE: With 18.Q4 Driver the temperature control experience is better, it is no longer necessary to activate the manual control of the fan before stress states or high performance graphics requirements, the temperature stabilizes at maximum 92º and the fan reacts quickly reaching 2500rpm with 4 x 140mm fans running at 350rpm inside PC case, if active two fans close to GPU at 1200rpm the temperature drops to 86º, in idle state with two monitors 10-bit 1920x1200@60hz connected the temperature is around 35º in a room of 20º ambient. The manual control of the fan can be adjusted to 3500rpm to improve the experience.


          UPDATE: When the manual control fan is activated selected and applied 3500rpm before stress states or high performance graphics requirements the temperature does not exceed 67º with 2 x 140mm intake fans close to GPU runing at 1200rpm



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            These are all very helpful comments, thank you!

            I'm actually not using this in a PC. I have a self contained system, we had assumed since it had a heat sink and fan that it would be able to run independently. I have requirements that the environment of this card will be much hotter than 22C / room temperature. If it takes 4X 140mm fans to cool this at room temperature then it looks like we won't be able to use this.

            Thanks again!