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AUEPMaster.exe made gaming impossible

Question asked by turner77 on Nov 16, 2018
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I'm not sure if this is a known issue, but I wanted to report this, because it made my last 4 weeks quite annoying.

I had internet problems for about 4 weeks, hard laggs issued by a ping that always goes up to 100-200 or even hinger every 2 seconds.

We had several technical support by our internet provider but weren't able to find the problem. In the end we found out, that the AUEPMaster.exe kept sending reports every few seconds with 7.1 mbits/sec and my whole innternet suffert from this, I'm working homeoffice and it made it hard to even communicate with my collegues via Voip.

Please fix this if it is not known yet, I was unable to work properly even with 10Mbit upload it completly destroyed not even my internet but also affected my roommate who works homeoffice as well.

So I hope I'm at the right address for this, if not, feel free to tell me so or move it to the right point.


Thank you.