RAID "Offline"

Discussion created by norphf on Nov 15, 2018



I have a HP Microserver N40L. It's packing a "AMD Chipset SATA Controller" Driver Version "3.7.1540.43"

I created a RAID 10 with 4 drives. First one of the drives failed. After replacing it and starting a rebuild another disk failed, and "Left" the raid. After a reboot, the drive seams fine, it's functional, but a standalone drive. How can I get that drive back in raid?


How do it combine the RAID's? Is disk 2 and 4 mirrored or is drive 1 and 2 mirrored? Cause if 1 and 2 is mirrored, both mirror should have one working disk, so I should be able to force it online, but I cant. Anyone know how?


Running Windows 10, have RAIDXpert installed. anything else you need to know?


Regards Lars