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RX 480 new drivers/Adrenalin FPS drop/stutter, gpu fans exceed 100% using userbenchmark then black screen

Question asked by vocturno on Nov 15, 2018

I had issues with my gpu that when i was running userbenchmark during the gpu test the measures the program showed i had stutter and after the third/forth measure gpu fans exceed to 100%, monitor goes black and shows no signal after a while so i need to hard reboot my pc otherwise it will keep going.

Another issue i had was that gpu was dropping 10-15 frames and was stuttering when playing games that i had no problems in the past.

I formatted my pc like i said in this post and the stutter/fps drops were gone(radeon settings was broken tho, i couldn't open it),later that day i saw that a graphic driver was up so i updated it and stutter/fps drops was back.

Today i did reset my pc with windows 10 option and installed amd crimson drivers from may 2017, specifically 17.3.1 driver and i run userbenchmark and my gpu managed to finish the test without the fans exceed to 100%, here are the test results, i also can run userbenchmark without graphic drivers at all and gpu can finish the test without black screen and fans exceeding

I download dark souls 3 to see how the game will run and i have no stutter/fps drops on max graphics.

So, what is going on with my pc, Can someone explain what is happening?

Specs: CPU: i5 6600k

GPU: RX 480 8GB gaming X



RAM: F4-2400C15D-16GVR 16GB