AMD RX 590 Revealed: Faster than GTX 1060, but very hot, power hungry, and EXPENSIVE

Discussion created by black_zion on Nov 15, 2018
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Remember that "no man's land" I talked about with the nVidia RTX series? Looks like the RX 590 falls squarely in it. It sucks down almost as much power as Vega 56, it gets over 80 degrees in games ON AN OPEN BENCH which kills the clocks due to throttling, and at 41db of noise it's quite loud. All this is on top of its $280 price tag, placing it up to $90 more expensive than the GTX 1060 while only averaging 7fps more than the 1060, and only 5fps higher than the RX 580, a card on the order of $100 CHEAPER.


Would you pay $100 more for 5 FPS? I doubt many people will.,5907.html