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    Why does my PC lock up (in some games) while using HDMI audio?


      2700x CPU

      Asus Vega 64 GPU (18.11.1)

      Asus Crosshair VII Hero motherboard

      Windows 10 1803


      Always crashes while playing the lastest Call of Duty title (Black Ops 4) and Wolfenstein 2.  Games do not crash while using the internal motherboard audio for headphones, however. 


      When the computer does crash, it is accompanied by this awful electronic buzzing noise.  There's no crash codes or blue screens given either, just a hard lock up with a black screen.

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          Users in the past needed to configure the Vega64 using AMD Wattman to make it more stable and not crash.


          Someone else will need to advice you on how to configure the Vega64 using Wattman.


          This is an old and verrry long AMD Forum thread concerning configuring the Vega64 as an example of what I was commenting: https://community.amd.com/message/2882166#comment-2882166?q=vega64

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            I tried tinkering with Wattman like the OP did in that thread, but it didn't seem to make a difference.  I did, however, get a a blue screen with an error code finally.  The code was "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER".  Anyone have any suggestions?


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                That BSOD is strictly a Driver issue. See this website that give some good advice on how to fix that error: How to Fix Thread Stuck In Device Driver BSOD on Windows 8 and 10 - Appuals.com - (Don't download their recommended software it is a scam).


                1) Update Graphics Driver - I my opinion if you already have the latest, then install a previous older driver and see if it helps.

                2) Make sure Windows Update is fully updated

                3) Update Motherboard BIOS if you don't have the latest.


                Tom's Hardware Forum offer identical information from above mentioned link plus one more option: How to fix Windows 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver error - Windows 10


                Fix Windows 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver error

                Performing a series of updates will usually fix this error.


                1. Update your graphics and audio drivers to the latest versions.

                2. Perform Windows update and install all updates.

                3. Update your motherboard BIOS to the latest version.


                Performing a BIOS update is a serious process and instructions vary depending on motherboard manufacturer. Fortunately, most newer boards offer simple upgrade paths that can be performed from within Windows (if you can load it) or from USB. Many users I have spoken to said that their error disappeared after updating their BIOS so it is well worth considering.


                Fix for ATI-based laptops

                Windows 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver errors have occurred on quite a few laptops that use ATI graphics cards. Here’s how to fix it.


                1. Navigate to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound and Power Options.

                2. Select ‘Change plan settings’ next to the selected preferred plan.

                3. Select ‘Change advanced power settings.

                4. Find ATI Graphics Power Settings and select ‘maximized performance’.

                5. Click Save changes and reboot.

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                    Instead I completely wiped my computer and performed a new install of Windows 10.  Installed fresh drivers for everything and downloaded my games again.  Computer still locks up within minutes of playing Black Ops 4.


                    Interesting that other games will play normally, just Black Ops 4 and Wolfenstein II are the only ones I own that seem to do this.  Doom 2016, which is closely related to Wolfenstein II, doesn't crash at all.


                    And my power supply should be fine, the thing is less than 3 months old.


                    This is frustrating.

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                  I have almost same problem like you do. Have you found something?


                  Because I have already did this and nothing helped..


                  - turn every OC

                  - installed new sound drivers (on board)

                  - latest GPU drivers

                  - in MSI Afterburned downclocked CoreClock -50MHz

                  - reinstalled win

                  - updated BIOS

                  - checked temperatures (everything is really great)

                  - bought new RAMs


                  CASE: Fractal Define R3

                  PSU: Seasonic X-560 GOLD

                  MB: MSI Z77A-GD65

                  CPU: CPU Intel® Core i5-3570K @ 4.4 GHz

                  CPU FAN: Noctua NH-D14

                  GPU: GIGABYTE GTX 670 OC (OC from factory)

                  RAM: Patriot DDR3 16GB KIT 1600MHz CL9 Viper 3

                  HDD1: Crucial M4 128GB

                  HDD2: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 3.5" 2TB ST2000DM001


                  I have totally no idea what to do next .. there is no BSOD.. just black screen + sound loop (sometimes after 10minutes of playing.. sometimes after 1-2 hours of playing)