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How can I ask amd to make a product?

Question asked by levctt on Nov 14, 2018

Hello all. I recently asked this question to several people, and the AMD Customer Support. AMD Customer Support pointed me to a Custom Solutions web page. I filled out the forum and I have not received a response in 8 days. It would seem Customer Support is not sure how to handle my request. I recently received a message to try this forum. I am hoping this is a place to get that answered.


I started asking this question because of my backround. I have been a PC Builder for 18 years. There is a product that I would like to see, so I can build the correct PC, for the people I help. I think it can double as a diagnostic tool as well. I am not sure if AMD can make it happen but, I would like to try. If anyone has information for me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks