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Recording problems

Question asked by shoebox- on Nov 14, 2018

I recently build my own computer (#1) and have a AMD graphics card installed. I also installed Radeon Relive to record gameplay and save short clips. I saved a few clips but when i just now tried to view them they look glitchy and the sound cuts out at some random point in every video (random as in I am not doing anything I havent been doing the rest of the recording). I was wondering if anyone here knows what could be going on. I only play Rainbow Six:Siege at the moment. I included a photo of my PC components and have uploaded one of the clips to Youtube so you guys can see what I mean:


Replay AMD Graphics card - YouTube


In the operator pick screen some HUD parts start flashing, but not all. And at 1:07 the audio cuts out. (Im not sure why the video uploaded in such low quality)


I hope someone knows how to fix this or at least what could be the problem. Also if you need more info, please let me know.