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Crossfire problem with two or more screens.

Question asked by fish2695 on Nov 13, 2018

I have to re - installed  windows 10. After updated BIOS on my motherboard and installed new drivers from original asus web page rx vega  crossfire stop working. Is still working on normal usages but when I try play game is freeze and I have to restart and then windows is switching off  crossfire. Crossfire was working fine for last 12 months and with no problem but on old motherboard BIOS and old drivers. Is there anything new in new windows version ( 17134.376) or problems with new drivers? I tried re - install windows about 20 times up to now .


Asus Z270-F BIOS 1301

intel i7700k

32gb 3000 corsair

2 x rx vega 64 liquid cooler



As I wrote in the previous question, I think I know where the problem is, the problem starts after connecting the second monitor (second  and third) everything works fine on only one monitor but when the rest of them  connected system starts to freeze and restart after rebooting crossfire is off the second  graphics card is off. Even when other monitors are connected, but are hidden and not active, the same happens exactly, additional monitors must be removed from the system, then the crossfire works without any problems. Any ideas to remedy this?