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Elevated clocks problem of radeon drivers

Question asked by georgekiriakos on Nov 12, 2018


   To begin with, i want to notice that i will talk about the elevated clocks problem of cards with evry new driver after 18.6.1.


In the beginning , i am very pleased from your adrenalin drivers , but i have a <<complaint>>. So after updating my drivers for the rx580 8gb version from 18.6.1 to 18.10.2 i had elevated clocks at idle (in my occasion my card should have 300mhz at idle and had 1366mhz which is the gaming full clock speed of mine),so the temperature had gone up to 50 c at idle , which i dont think is very dangerous but my card still very hot at idle . If it is possible can you fix this problem which i see now is writen in notes of every new driver after 18.6.1 ?Thank you for your attention.


Yours sincerely,

George Kiriakos