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    Mouse jerky after 18.9.3 update


      As per title. In the end i had to restore back to previous (17.4.4) via macrium reflect.

      Speccy shows my graphics as:


      SONY TV (1920x1080@60Hz)

      VE228 (1920x1080@60Hz)

      2048MB ATI Radeon RX 460 Graphics (Gigabyte)


      The mouse is a wireless optical Tecknet M700. The ''jerkiness" was apparent particularly with a big swipe from stationary when the cusor took maybe half a second to 'catch up'.


      Can anyone suggest a solution please? I did delete the C:/AMD folder after updating - could this have been the problem?

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          That's a bit disappointing. I know forums like this depend on the knowledge and altruism of its members. But if none of these knows the answer, one hopes that an expert from the huge and successful Company that sells the relevant hardware might step in with a helpful suggestion or two. It happens on other forums.


          Unless i'm missing something, the question drops off the page into oblivion after a couple of days, which is another feature i have not noticed on other forums. Maybe this gripe will bump it if nothing else :-)

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              Just a quick update. I tried the process all over again this time with a 'clean install' but the next day after i booted up the problem started over. So i did another restore using macrium reflect and it again cured the problem. So this evening i treated myself to an Nvidia GeForce 1060 in the hope that if i have problems with that i might get some help from the technical experts there.

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                  Not technical "experts" just users here... mostly. And there's a thread at the top asking for much more specs info otherwise we're all just guessing.

                  Also you could use the link in Radeon setting's Report issue online.



                  Wow, that's a nice upgrade. How many monitors did you have connected?

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                      Thanks for the reply, it is appreciated. I managed to find the 'report issue' link and waded my way through the form - hopefully AMD will get back to me. I really need to sort the problem as i'll sell this card on when i'm sorted with the Nvidia.


                      I've just one monitor (via DVI) and an HDMI link to my TV. When i watch streams in 1080p the video stutters when there is a lot of close-up fast action so i hope the upgrad  will fix this.


                      The 460 needs a driver upgrade because recently some text on websites doesn't display properly and occasionally i get big blocks of green colour. The latest driver seems to fix this problem but screws up the mouse.

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                          There's a known bug that causes a hitch/lag every 5 seconds or so when moving the mouse when 2 or more monitors are connected and one is off. This was introduced somewhere in june ish and there's one REALLY BIG thread on here discussing/ranting about it.

                          This could be your problem, one solution is to turn off hdcp in the radeon settings for your hdmi tv (not always helpful when viewing protected content) or use an earlier driver. 18.5.1 might be the latest that works. I'm not sure as I just stayed with 18.3.4 which is working good on my 580.

                          As for the green blob and odd texts, I don't remember hearing anything similar.

                          If you're going to test out the 460 again in your current computer, use DDU to clean all gpu drivers, especially nvidia and any amd and install an older driver.

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                              Thanks for all this. I had downloaded 18.3.2 adrenalin (the oldest AMD driver i could find) but haven't tried it yet before hearing from 'report issue'. I also emailed the vendor Gigabyte so maybe they will have some idea. And downloaded their latest driver (17.8.1 crimson relive).


                              I'm never sure whether it's best to install the driver from the card manufacturer or the vendor (is that the correct terminology?) - perhaps they are exactly the same anyway?


                              And i downloaded a later BIOS from gigabyte, but i'm awaiting my new card before updating that. Then i'll have a go with an older driver.


                              I didn't find the thread you mention, but as long as i can get the card working properly i can sell it on with a clear conscience. :-)


                              With regards to the green blocks and text distortion, i've attached a pic i sent to gigabyte - or was it AMD(!)

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                                  You're better off downloading latest from AMD directly. That thread keeps dropping off the list here. It is a known issue in the latest driver release notes.

                                  As for the green stripe, does it happen with any browser. I've never seen that.. which I'm pretty happy about.

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                        Many find that disabling HDCP helps this. There are many threads in these forums that address this. Other things known to help are updating mouse drivers or buying newer mouse that has updated drivers. Not trying to blame your mouse either, just stating that many claim this helps. I myself had a Logitech mouse that when used with the AMD driver had this behavior. I went to a Razor mouse and the problem vanished. I have also seen claims that using the standard windows mouse driver helps but you lose any gaming button mapping control if you are using it.


                        I too wish AMD had experts from the driver team engaged here. I am on the NVIDIA forums as well and rarely see their involvement either. All these companies IMHO for the dollars we spend could do better. In AMD's defense they are very clear about the intent of these forums and give other clear methods of contacting them. So they are not turning a deaf ear, you just need to contact them through the only channels they give us.


                        Good Luck!


                        Instructions to disable HDCP if you want to try that:

                        How to disable HDCP:

                        1. Open Radeon settings
                        2. Go to Display tab
                        3. Select go to any one of your digital (HDMI, DVI-D or DP) monitors
                        4. Click Specs
                        5. Go to the Override tab
                        6. Disable HDCP
                        7. Reboot
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                            Thanks for the additional comments to Hardwood and pokester. I'll post any progress that i make.


                            Edit: In the end i simply installed 18.3.2 yesterday. So far the green patches and text break-up have ceased and the mouse is operating smoothly.


                            I say "simply" but actually i recalled an issue with an AMD graphics card from almost two decades ago. If i had the TV connected (via s-video) when installing the driver something screwed up - i can't remember what exactly. So this time, bearing in mind some comments here, i made sure that the HDMI lead was disconnected when installing the driver and reconnected it later.


                            I'm not sure if the particular driver was crucial here or the installation technique, but the problem seems to be solved. Thanks to those who contributed.

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