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Freesync is not working properly.

Question asked by zohandoggo on Nov 12, 2018
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I purchased the LG 24MK430H Display with freesync hoping it would give me a smoother experience when my framerate drops below 75. It supports freesync over HDMI, and there is no DisplayPort connection on the monitor, since I have it connected to my computer using the included HDMI cable. My PC has an i5-6500, 16GB of memory and an RX 480 8GB. I enabled freesync in the monitor's settings and in drivers. I limited my framerate to 73 to stay within my freesync range of 48-75 hz. No tearing is present but the experience is more stuttery than without freesync and it gets really bad as the framerate dips below the cap, but still within the range. I did some research and found a Reddit thread with /u/amd_Robert from AMD explaining that freesync does not work with a framerate limiter, and that vsync is best turned on with freesync to keep the framerate in the freesync range, and that the experience will be smooth when the framerate drops below the framerate limit enforced by vsync. I did that, and when the framerate is at the vsync cap of 75hz, the experience is very smooth. As soon as it drops below, a large amount of stuttering occurs. Can anybody help me resolve this?


Edit: never underestimate the power of a driver update. Did a clean update to the latest recommended drivers and voila. Works super good. My mouth waters. I have never experienced anything as good as this so it's safe to say that it works. For anyone having this issue, try that.


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