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Photoshop: RX 580 performs bad with advanced hardware acceleration or new composition engine, OpenCL not supported with 3 latest driver

Question asked by bananafire on Nov 11, 2018



I bought a Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB as an upgrade for my old MSI GTX 760 2GB on friday and after it's listed as a compatible card on the photoshop and camera raw GPU pages and it has all the features which are recommended (DirectX 12, OpenCL ...)


Although I have a problem that the card is not coming up to its full potential. The masking and filter performance is still the same as with the old card.


I can speed it up a bit by using 18.8.1 drivers, utilizing legacy computing mode and "normal" instead of advanced hardware acceleration. (The advanced mode is very sluggish; and on newer drivers the OpenCL option is greyed out and some filters don't work at all)


So after all the performance is still the same as before. The few games I play perform way better and as expected.


Do you guys have some hints on how to get the advanced mode working fine?

Are there any drivers that perform acceptable in games and very good for Adobe products?


Overall it's a quite odd experience with the new card regarding my daily work ...


Thank you for your help,



Other specs:

Xeon E3-1231 v3

32 GB DDR3

All SSD Setup

Intel H97 Chipset

Windows 10 Pro 64bit