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    High definition audio bus


      PSU : Coolermaster 650W  

      GPU: Asus Rx-460 4gb  

      OS: Windows 10 latest 1803

      Bios: Latest P 7.10

      Mobo: Asrock H170M Pro4

      Driver: 18.9.3

      Ram: 16gb DRR4

      CPU: Intel i5-6500


      Yesterday i update my drivers to the latest recommended 18.9.3, i was on 19.9.2 and problem came up. Seems like a bug to me but every time i restart the pc or booting from shutdown

      i see that a driver high definition audio bus keeps instailling automatically. Sometimes windows pops up a message that i have to restart the pc in order to install the driver. No problem with 19.9.2. Found a threat that this is happening also in 18.10... version. Haven't tried the latest 19.11.1. I don't have any problem with the audio. I'm using the motherbord sound card so i don't know if there is problem using HDMI audio output.Thank you

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          I have exactly the same problem - I haven't been able to find much info, but there was one website that I can't find again that describred the same issue with a different driver.

          Essentially there 2 drivers for the same device - Windows seems to have a driver called "High Definition Audio Controller". As Windows' driver is newer (dated 14/09/18) than AMD's (dated 11/06/18) it keeps getting installed automatically when Windows starts, but when the AMD services load, they install AMD's older driver which triggers the request for a restart. Rinse and repeat.


          I've been trying to sort this out since I installed the 1809 Windows update. I've run DDU countless times. The only 'workaround' I've found is to completely disable automatic driver installs, but it's not really a fix. As soon as automatic driver installs are activated it starts again.

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            Yep, just updated to 18.9.3 today, and started having the same problem. listening to the "war" during install was certainly interesting/annoying.


            The previous version I was using was an 18.8 version. Is there any way to roll back? I used the express upgrade option.

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              Same problem for me.After 1809 windows update,every time after restart i get a message (your pc needs to be restarted to finish setting up this device high definition audio bus) I have 18.11.2 update and before windows 1809 everything was working fine.

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                Windows Update is what is screwing you up.

                Do this:

                Disable Fast Startup In Windows 10. You can google this. You don't need it, it makes nearly no difference in most peoples startup speed and causes a lot of problems IMHO. This will help to clean the slate for your upcoming installs. With fast startup enabled it caches old drivers and even though you uninstalled them the still load from the old cache.

                Download the drivers you want and DDU. You need the Realtek Audio driver and AMD driver.

                Disable the internet. This is a must as it will keep Windows update from screwing with you driver installs.

                Now install the Realtek audio driver. This will take to boots. One to remove the old and the second and a restart to install the new.

                Once the new audio driver is in, reboot to safe mode.

                Run DDU from safe mode, yes must be from safe mode, read the install notes that come with it.  Get it from WagnardSoft_com.

                Disconnect from the internet. ( this is the key as it is Windows update screwing up the driver and causing the loop)

                Restart, and install the AMD driver.

                Restart with internet back on and you should be good to go.




                AMD can't fix this issue as it is Microsoft messing it up. It happens on all kinds of drivers I install as an IT pro, it is a nightmare trying to get Windows 10 to let you install the driver you wan't for networking especially.

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                  I don't have the issue with 1803/1809, but I have windows device driver update disabled/blocked.

                  People with the problem should also report it MS.

                  You could try disabling the offending drivers as a temp. workaround(trial & error scenario).

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                    I remember when the fall creators update came out there was a problem with 3-4 or even more radeon settings running in the backround. And then they were blaming MS for that because the continity feature. In the end amd came up with a driver with a solution and the problem was as a fixed issue in the notes I hope they will do the same thing with this one

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                      Disable High definition in DM...…...

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                        Last windows update just fixed it for me.

                        Edit:Never mind,just started again.So windows update didn't fix it,sorry.

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