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    Can't turn on my pc!


      So i got this pc 2 or 3 weeks ago and i cant turn it on anymore. My screen is kinda pinky and it shows me a blue screen with the following error: 0xc000000e . But before that happened i was playing and i got a blue screen after 3 hours playing the same game and it had the error message: "thread stuck in device driver" then i couldn't turn my pc on again. I tried safe mode but i wasn't able to restore from there, so i got a flash drive with windows and tried to reinstall it but i got another error message. Tried other things but nothing worked so i need help with this...



      8gb of ram


      600w Power Supply

      If there is something written wrong it is because i'm brazilian and i'm still learning englih...

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          Try to update your BIOS to the latest version, then update your Windows then update your graphics driver.

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            What issues are you having exactly in re-installing Windows?  Re-install Windows using the Windows 10 USB creator from Microsoft's site. 


            If you are having issues re-installing Windows or getting bluescreens during the re-install, you may have bad memory.

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              Unplug everything but the front-panel  power switch from the motherboard.

              Remove the CR2032 Lithium battery from the motherboard.

              Wait one full minute (72 seconds to be safe, if the board was built to good engineering practice).

              If the motherboard has buttons, press and hold EVERY button for a few seconds.

              If the board has a "clear CMOS" jumper, follow instructions and use that.

              Press the system main power button for at least a few seconds, and repeat this a couple of times.


              Re-attach all cables, etc, to the motherboard, and then reattempt startup.  Sometimes (quite often) this will clear out a sticky bit somewhere that prevents a machine from turning on.


              Sometimes there is a capacitor still providing enough voltage to keep a bad bit's state.  The above procedure will drain the capacitors and clear that bit.


              If it still doesn't want to start after all of that, read how to enable your motherboard's backup BIOS if it is a "dual BIOS" motherboard.  Luckily, most motherboards are of this type these days, even a LOT of the cheap ones.