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My XFX Radeon RX560 4GB can't give out resolution over 1920x1080 through DVI-dual link connection on a ViewSonic 2K monitor.  It only works on the Display port and HDMI.  Do I have a defective video card??

Question asked by rgq2018 on Nov 12, 2018

I don't understand why my Radeon rx560 4GB can't get over 1920X1080 resolution when connected to my DVI-dual link port. It works fine with the display port and hdmi. I have installed the latest driver from AMD and latest Win10 build.  Compares to my MSI 2GB afterburner geforce 710, all ports reach the maximum resolution of 2560x1440, except the legacy vga port.


A 4GB vs. 2GB video card,  I was expecting that it should perform better, but I am disappointed. Usually, I don't like to return something that I bought when it is working like it should, but not when it is defective.  Is my XFX radeon rx560 a defective card?