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Radeon Performance Overlay does not appear in any games

Question asked by wiesshund on Nov 10, 2018

OS WIndows 10 Pro 64bit
GFX Card MSI RX580x
Driver Adrenalin 18.9.2 Relive not installed (dont use it)





The desktop overlay pops up (not that it is terribly useful)
I can open the settings app, and go to a running games profile, and it does see the games it knows (It sure doesnt auto detect them though)
and it will log performance when a game it knows is running.


But from inside the game, Any game, you can hit the overlay hotkeys and nothing appears
Remap the hot keys, and nothing appears


The windows 10 game dvr thing is disabled (No need for it anyways)
I have tried disabling full screen optimization on the game executables, but that made no difference at all.


It has never worked for me since day 1, on any driver version, but i am not sure why.