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AMD driver update leads to game crashing, reverting does not help

Question asked by pipinghotsoup on Nov 9, 2018
My 7 days was running extremely slowly despite meeting all min specs and almost all recommended specs (only 512 dedicated memory vs 1024. Min req was 256). I found out I needed to update the drivers for my AMD A 10 9600P Radeon R5 and did so, but now the game displays only a white screen on startup that shows the cursor and plays the music, but does not have any display. I have tried:
turning GPU scaling on/off
turning off preserve aspect ratio and turning to full panel
running with directx 9
enabling GLcore renderer
Running in 32 bit mode
changing registry display in regedit to same as my display (1366*766)
updating system bios via lenovo vantage


Nothing has helped so far. The issues seemed to start after I updated the AMD drivers, but rolling them back leaves the same issue.
Any ideas would be appreciated,



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